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Software for Surface Flatness Evaluation

Salient Features:

CSurFlat evaluates flatness of the working surface overall and also flatness of any local areas
recommended in IS 2285 : 2003 / IS 7327 : 2003
CSurFlat supports grid pattern calibration method as per IS 12937 : 1990
CSurFlat evaluates flatness error by generating a regression plane determined by Least Square fit


Windows based and user friendly, runs on Win-2000 / XP
Interactive screens display context sensitive operational instructions
Elaborate and detailed error, information and confirmation messages
Easy and fast learning. Training guide included
SurFlat is stand-alone as it uses built-in DataBase Management System
Facilitates database backup and recovery
Supports two types of grid measurements, double and single grid ( IS12937 : 1990 )
Pre-filled and easy navigation grid formation for entering level readings
Automatically fills blank cells
Supports entries either in Arc Sec or in mm / met
Flatness evaluation on the fly
The deviation of each measurement point is shown in tabular form and also in deviation plot with deviation zoom
Reports include evaluation details, table(s) of readings, deviation and deviation plot
All reports print custom company / laboratory name and logo(s)
Help is supplied in both WINHELP and HTML. Soft copies of help documents are also supplied in PDF form.

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