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  • Thermal Error Compensation Module (TECM) for Machine Tool Applications

Thermal Error Compensation Module (TECM) for Machine Tool Applications

Salient Features:

  • Plug & Play Module
  • Real Time Thermal Error Compensation
  • RTD Interface
  • CNC Interface
  • Artificial Intelligence based Algorithm


High End CPU to compute Thermal Error Compensation Value

Built-in 8 Channel RTD Interface Module

Built-in CNC Interface module which can talk to ANY make and Model of Computerised Numerical Controller (CNC)

Artificial Intelligence based Algorithm

Mathematical Equations solver  for effective computation of Thermal Error

Computation interval as low as 100 ms

Removal of Thermal Error due to Machining: 70 to 85%

Low cost solution

TECM module for Lathe, Milling Machine, Machining Centres, Grinding Machines and also for special purpose machines

Just a month to make Machine ready with compensation module integrated

Uses 3 wire RTD as Temperature sensors

Work piece accuracies:

Level of Development:

Status of Commercialization:

Major Raw materials Utilised:

Major Plant Equipment and Machines required:

Techno economics:

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