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Twin Screw Gearbox

Salient Features:

Twin screw gear boxes are meant for driving Twin Screw Mixers / Extruders
Output shafts are Co-rotating
Output shafts are placed vertically one above the other
Gearbox with Output shafts placed side by side is also possible
Smaller centre distance between output shafts
High torque transmitting and thrust load carrying capacity
Import Substitution


Centre Distance: 32.6 mm

Max. Input Speed: 1500 rpm

Gear Ratio : 1:5

  • Max. Output Speed: 300 rpm
  • Design Torque / Shaft: 150 Nm
  • Thrust load on each shaft: 1000kgf

Work piece accuracies:

Level of Development:


Status of Commercialization:

Ready for Technology Transfer

Major Raw materials Utilised:

Standard common engineering materials

Major Plant Equipment and Machines required:

General purpose manufacturing facilities like Lathe, Milling ,Grinding, EDM, Gear Cutting and Grinding machines, etc.

Techno economics:

Its an indigenous product, highly competitive with imported machine

Extruder Gearboxes are used to drive Twin screw extruders which are used in industries such as Food, Pharmaceutical, Polymer, Space, Defence, etc.

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