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CMTI is an R & D organization focusing its efforts mainly on harnessing know-how in the manufacturing technology sector to practical purposes and assisting technological growth in the country. CMTI has the role of being a Catalyst and a Key Player in manufacturing technology growth in the country

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Clean Room Facilities

Under the Centre for Sensors and Vision Technology and Controls, a new world class state of art facility for Sensor Technology Development Center (STDC) is created. This STDC center has Clean rooms of class 100 (ISO5), class 1000 (ISO6), 10000(ISO7) and 100000(ISO8) specifically for MEMS Fabrication, Characterisation and Micro system Packaging processes. It also consists of 

The ISO5 clean rooms are yellow rooms which are dedicated mainly for lithography and fabrication purposes. The other ISO 6, 7 are white light based which support for packaging, characterization equipments. The ISO 5 clean room consists of Double sided Mask Aligner, Optical Microscope, Mask Writer, Developer Wet bench, Wafer bonder and Nano Imprint Lithography Systems. The ISO 6 Cleanroom consist Wet benches, Electroplating, system, Electron Beam Evaporation System, Hot Embossing, Flip Chip Bonding, PECVD, DRIE Systems. ISO7 Cleanroom consists all characterisation equipments. In ISO8 Class consists of Electron beam welding systems and X-ray Inspection system.