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The Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (CMTI) being a National Research and Development organization stands as a pioneering force, dedicated to shaping the manufacturing landscape through its unwavering focus on science, technology, and innovation. By driving the development of new technologies, catering to customer needs, providing valuable services, and fostering an environment of advanced technology intervention, CMTI solidifies its position as a catalyst for growth, progress, and excellence in the manufacturing industry.

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Vision & Mission


Achieving Manufacturing Technology Excellence through S&T driven solutions to 4P (Product-Process-People-Production) challenges of Industry

Mission 2025

  • Enhanced focus towards established credentials to bring back repeated customers: Certification & Financial Stability
  • Better services to MSMEs and institutions – effective utilization of facilities
  • Product- Process innovation: Bringing knowledge creators and wealth creators together
    • Transformation from  Service oriented institute to Technology origination Institute
    • High end technologies to remain relevant among peers (New to India/New to world)
    • Machines and process interventions to home-grown industrial clusters: high societal impact
    • Entrepreneurship promotion: Training, incubation to ensure long time sustainability in India.
  • Academy of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
    • Recognized research center – Offering MS by research and PhD degree programs
    • Providing platform for professional growth of internal manpower: Minimum of 50% Scientists PhD by 2025
    • Establishing Open Innovation platforms
  • Emphasized efforts towards Knowledge Generation, IPR Protection, Up-skill of HR,  Knowledge


  • To undertake Research, Technology Development. Training and Application that
    • helps  Industries in achieving excellence in technology& improving productivity
    • deliveringthe benefit of emerging manufacturing  technologies and services that stimulate economic growth of the country