Welcome To CMTI

CMTI is an R & D organization focusing its efforts mainly on harnessing know-how in the manufacturing technology sector to practical purposes and assisting technological growth in the country. CMTI has the role of being a Catalyst and a Key Player in manufacturing technology growth in the country

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Vision & Mission


To Support Industries to Achieve Excellence in Technology and Stimulate Economic Growth


We Will

  • Achieve Technological Leadership
  • Achieve Excellence in Quality of Products and Service
  • Establish a Dynamic, flexible and result oriented organizational structure
  • Achieve organizational excellence through transparent, professional management system
  • Achieve financial self-sufficiency
  • Train, Motivate and provide Growth oriented environment to employees


We Believe In

  • Our people being our Greatest Assets
  • Mutual trust Building
  • Open Mindness
  • Effective and Open Communications
  • Team Work and Team Spirit
  • Participative, Co-operative Work Culture
  • Passion for Quality
  • Attention to Detail
  • Optimal use of Resources
  • Prompt Response to Customer Needs


CMTI has the wherewithal to help industries  covering a vast area of concern of an industrial set up viz.

1. Strategic level inputs for decision makers

  • on industrial investments on machine tools, systems and accessories etc.
  • Productivity enhancement Modernisation
  • Project operation visualization — Productivity optimization through simulation of factories on computer

2. Managerial level inputs for process managers

  • Solutions to productivity problems
  • Re-engineering solutions
  • Process optimization
  • Computer aided manufacturing – planning,dynamic scheduling, monitoring, correcting, verification, etc.

3. Operational level inputs within the organization

  • Operator training
  • Process audits
  • Process Capability studies
  • Vibration and Noise investigations
  • Investigating and solving specific machine Problems to ensure continued process capability
  • Assistance rendered by testing and calibration laboratories
  • Setting up proactive maintenance practices

4. Training and HRD

  • Setting up training establishments
  • Training of trainers