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Smart Scan

Salient Features:

  • Smart scan can be used as an Automated
    biometric Authentication system.
  • Minimizes physical contact/exposure (non
    contact system).
  • Identifies people by their AIbased face
    recognition technique
  • Accurately tracks time and attendance
    Contactless temperature scanning and
    deny access to anyone who has high body
  • It is a highly secure process in maintaining
    the database in the server.


The Smart scan is AI & MLbased individual

Identification and an Elevated skin Temperature
Monitoring system.

  •  A touch less Biometric system that identifies or verifies a person from a digital image.
  • Contactless temperature detection using the
    infrared thermal sensor.
  • Visualization of image and heat map on the
    display screen.
  • Audio output: The speakers give the audio
    output, i.e., Temperature value, along with the Name of the person.
  • Cloud support: the Name, temperature value, time and date are saved in the local/cloud database, which can be used for attendance monitoring.

Work piece accuracies:

Level of Development:


Status of Commercialization:

Ready for Technology Transfer

Major Raw materials Utilised:

Raspberrypi 4B, raspberry pi smart touch display,
raspberry pi camera, temperature sensor, proximity
sensor,speakers, Enclosure and tripod


Major soft ware’s required:
Python, Opencv

Major Plant Equipment and Machines required:

Techno economics:

The Smart Scan helps to track the attendance data
and temperature measurements costeffectively.
Since the entire module is built on raspberry pi the
deployment and maintenance costs are also
reduced.Therefore it would be a noncontact,
automatic and lowcost approach to person
identification and temperature detection.

Technology Package

Smart scan system, Trained model as per the
provided image database, cloudbased dashboard
and live attendance monitoring feature