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Ultra Stiff Ultra Precision Hydrostatic

Salient Features:

  • Hydrostatic oil Bearing with theoretical infinite lifetime
  • True motion, zero stick-slip, zero backlash & Maximum positioning accuracy
  • High stiffness for Heavy loads & excellent geometric performance
  • High Dampening effect from oil film for vibration from machining process
  • Thermally stable, with heat dissipation by oil & additional water cooling
  • Direct drive with Integrated Linear motor with low cogging force
  • Ultra precision Linear Glass Scale for position feedback
  •  Integral high performance bellows for protection of Bearing & electronics from Contamination


Model & type HS200              :           Fully constrained oil    hydrostatic, box way slide

Travel                                      :           200 mm (8 Inch)

Load capacity                         :           1000Kg (10,000 N)

stiffness                                  :           1000N/μm

Drive system                         :           Brushless DC Linear Motor

Feedback type                        :           Ultra precision Glass Scale

Feedback resolution               :           32 Pico meter

Straightness                            :           Horizontal :0.2 μm over full travel,

Vertical : 0.4 μm over full travel

Feedrate (working)                 :           Upto 1000 mm/mina

Work piece accuracies:

Level of Development:

Status of Commercialization:

Ready for Technology Transfer

Major Raw materials Utilised:

  • Standard materials commonly used for engineering product development, such as various categories of steel alloys, aluminum alloy, granite, etc.
  • Standard components include linear motors and drives, Linear scale, micrometer, power pack, hydraulic valves, other mechanical & electrical elements.

Major Plant Equipment and Machines required:

  • Ultra-precision micro machining Center, Wire cut EDM, Precision Turning and Milling Machine, Precision Grinding Machine, Laser interferometer, Ultra precision dimension, form and surface roughness equipments

Techno economics:

  • No Indian Machine tool manufacturer offers hydrostatic slides as commercial elements and neither machine tool with integrated hydrostatic slides.

Technology Package

  • One set of all assembly/integration drawings for the prototype in the form of reproducible on tracing sheets.
  • One set of Mechanical component drawings for manufacturing.
  • One set of Electrical Drawings.
  • One set of test charts
  • One set of operation and user’s guide manual
  • To provide consultancy in activities related to development.
  • One set of achieved test results