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High Precision Optical Calibration Masks

Salient Features:

  • Calibration of Imaging, Optical and Microscopy equipments etc.
  • Substitute for import items.
  • Coatings: Chrome (bright & anti-reflective), aluminium Iron oxide etc


  • Size varies from 0.3”x0.3” to 8”x 8”
  • Feature to feature accuracy down to 1 μm

Work piece accuracies:

Level of Development:


Status of Commercialization:

Ready for Technology Transfer

Major Raw materials Utilised:

Double side polished Borosilicate, BK7, Soda lime, fused silica and quartz.

Major Plant Equipment and Machines required:

  • High Precision Pulsed UV Laser Micromachining System
  • Thin film coating system
  • High resolution optical microscope


Techno economics:

  • Indigenous development of technology and having high potential in commercialization of artefacts development
  • Thin cost of the calibration masks will be 1/10th of the cost of imported mask with same accuracy.




Technology Package

Design of Mask, Process Technology for Laser Machining, Thin film coating technology.